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Hotel Arnika Wellness

Sèn Pelegrin, 43 - Moena

+39 0462 573337

Hotel 3 stars S Moena: Hotel Arnika Wellness
Hotel 3 stars S

Sèn Pelegrin, 43
38035 Moena (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 573337
Fax +39 0462 574212

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Let your holiday in the Dolomites be unforgettable

You find sunshine, joie de vivre and so much more to discover here: the San Pellegrino Pass is a truly unique area, rich in traditions and history, culinary art and culture.

The Hotel Arnika is in Moena and the town is only 10Km away. A huge balcony overlooks the Monzoni, Civetta and Focobon mountain ranges in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Hotel Arnika Wellness is characterised both by its large indoor and outdoor spaces and by its natural and friendly surroundings. The new wellness spa, “La Dolce Vita”, will help you turn your dreams into reality, making your holiday in Moena unforgettable.

The highlights of this hotel have always been its friendliness, kindness, attention to detail, excellent cuisine and its renowned spa treatments. 

Services offered


Pets permitted, Buffet breakfast, Suitable for people with disabilities, Recommended for families with children, Lift, Garden, Panorama viewpoint, Private parking, Garage, Motorbike garage, Public internet point, Laundrette, Ski storage, Ski boot dryer, Bicycle storage, Minibus, Cash cards accepted, Credit cards accepted, Safe facility, Smoking area, Games room, Nursery, Bar


Children's toys, Sun terrace, Sunbathing garden, Sun loungers, Swimming pool, Sauna, Solarium, Turkish bath, Kneipp treatment, Massages, Entertainment, Playground, Tavern, Wine bar


Guest bicycles, Gym - fitness centre, Ping pong, Pool

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Hotel Arnika Wellness

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