Scufons del Cogo

Scufons del Cogo

The "Scufons del Cogo" Club was established in 1997 by a group of friends united in their passion for the mountains and sport. The club currently boasts members from all over Italy who meet in Moena to celebrate their love for telemark skiing, the group’s main activity, which is practised with great dedication and attention to the Ladin tradition, and freeriding, practised at all levels and ages.

The main winter appointment for Scufons is the Polartec Scufoneda, a telemark skiing and freeriding event that each year attracts more and more participants from all over Europe.

But the friends of Scufons del Cogo do not just practise their sports in winter: there are many events held throughout the year that unite members and where sport, friendship and fun reign!

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