Dolce Casa Family Resort & SPA

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Strada G. Kostner, 15 - Moena

+39 0462 573126

Hotel 4 stars Moena: Dolce Casa Family Resort & SPA
Hotel 4 stars

Dolce Casa Family Resort & SPA

Strada G. Kostner, 15
38035 Moena (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 573126

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 updated on 22/10/2017
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Services offered


Celiac menu, Dining room, Party games, Videogames, Winter skibus service, Summer minibus service, Conference room, Breakfast room, Entree Buffet, Newspapers available, Miniclub, Menu for children, Babysitting service, Child friendly, Bottle warmer, High chair, Cot, Pets permitted, Buffet breakfast, Suitable for people with disabilities, Recommended for families with children, Lift, Garden, Private parking, Public internet point, Laundrette, Ski storage, Ski boot dryer, Bicycle storage, Cash cards accepted, Credit cards accepted, Sun terrace, Games room, Playground, Bar, Tavern, Wine bar


U.VA sunbed., Beauty treatments, Infusion corner, Sunbathing garden, Hydro massage, Swimming pool, Sauna, Turkish bath, Thermarium, Massages


Table football, Guest bicycles, Ping pong

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Dolce Casa Family Resort & SPA

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