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The colours of nature in Val di Fassa

For those holidaymakers who come to Val di Fassa when it’s not covered by a white mantle of snow, it’s a real pleasure to admire the colours of nature that surround it.

Above all, the forest: it frames the entire valley with its pines, larches, fir trees and rich undergrowth. Not to mention the huge variety of flowers: rhododendrons, edelweiss, nigritella, gentians, primrose, red and white lilies, buttercups and anemone are just a few of the many, rare and not so rare, flower species that can be found during walks along the valley floor or at higher altitude.

However, it is important to remember that picking flowers and plants is forbidden for most of these species. It is therefore recommended to only admire their beauty and photograph them in their natural habitat.

Val di Fassa is the ideal habitat not only for flowers, but for mushrooms as well. These can be picked, but in order to do so it is compulsory to obtain a mushroom picking permit and respect some fundamental rules. Mushrooms, even the venomous ones, play an important role in maintaining the equilibrium of the forest and so must be respected and never destroyed. Some of the more famous species: Porcini, Red-capped Scaber Stalk, Chanterelle, Saffron Milk Cap and Albatrellus Confluens.

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