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Recreational activities

Recreational activities

Moena and its facilities 

Navalge sports center

For fans of tennis, five-a-side football and bowls, and for those who dream of beach volleyball competitions by the sea, the new sports facilities of Navalge are perfect for having hours of fun in company. The center, open from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm until 6 pm (closed in bad weather), has a bar, car parking facilities, hygiene facilities and showers.
For further information and bookings call 0462 574013.

Communal park and Fantolin mini golf

You will find the communal park a stone’s throw away from the sports facilities, where your children can let their imaginations run wild in the newly built castles, with slides and swings. As well as the superbly well-organised Fiabilandia park, there is also Fantolin golf, the park where both young and old can try out mini golf or have a go-kart competition (at extra cost). The park is located at the entrance of the cycle route to Soraga.

All of the parks have hygiene facilities and a bar.

Fiemme and Fassa cycle route

Moena is located in the middle of a wonderful cycle route that connects the Fassa and Fiemme valleys. With its 48 km and difference in altitude of 650 metres, this path has beautiful panoramas and splendid views from both of the valleys. Once you have reached your destination, for those who have done enough cycling for the day, there are buses to take you back to the start and the new Bike express Fassa and Fiemme service, which has a good 15 stops along the route and runs three times a day.

Moena town center

A walk through the streets of Moena has never been so pleasurable!

For some years, the main streets have been closed to traffic, making a walk in the town center of Moena even more pleasurable: the streets have turned into enormous pavements where pausing and taking in the peace and quiet and admiring the fascination of the town’s squares is a must. Eat an ice cream, enjoy a pre-dinner drink, do some window shopping in the boutiques and craft shops where you will find local products and souvenirs. All of this creates a moment of pure relaxation, far away from the chaos and smog of queuing cars.

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