The churches of the hamlets of Moena

The small churches

The church of San Rocco 

In 1538, the small church of Someda was built, in late-Gothic style, and dedicated to Saints Rocco, Sebastiano and Fabiano. It was expanded in 1880, the year in which local restorer Giovanni Felicetti renovated the paintings in the apse attributed to Valentino Rovisi. The frescoes, which were painted in 1932, are the work of the Milanese painter Codognata.

The church of San Giuseppe 

The church of Sorte, dedicated to San Giuseppe, dates back to the year 1685, when the local inhabitants decided to substitute the ‘capital’ raised in 1645 with a small church that would be consecrated in 1703 by the Bishop of Trento Giovanni Michele Spaur.

The ‘onion shaped’ bell tower and the altar piece depicting San Giuseppe, the work of Giovanni Guadagnini, are both very interesting. The church itself is home to some frescoes by unknown artists and an ex-voto, one of the few remaining in the area.

The church of San Lazzaro

The keys to the vault of the church of Forno bear the dates 1517 and 1870. The church within is in gothic style and on its high altar stands a wooden crucifix, the work of local artist Cirillo Dellantonio. This church is also home to a painting by Valentino Rovisi, accompanied by another by his daughter. Outside stands a memorial in honour of Francesco Facchino, a doctor and botanist from Forno.

The church of San Giovanni Nepomuceno 

The small church of Penia dates back to 1732. It was constructed following a flood that fortunately did not cause extensive damage. In thanks for the lucky escape, the d’Onei family built the church and dedicated it to San Giovanni Nepomuceno, popularly known as the patron saint against floods.

Within are some paintings by Martino Gabrielli. To visit, just ask for the keys from the managers of the Malga Peniola.

The church of Sant'Anna 

The small church of Medil dates back to 1742 and was rebuilt in 1912. The church contains some canvases by Giovanni Felicetti and can be visited by asking for the keys from local residents.

The church of Sant'Antonio da Padova 

The church of San Pellegrino, first erected in 1364, was rebuilt in 1934 following a case of arson by the Austrian guards in 1915. It is home to paintings by local painter G.B. Chiocchetti.

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