Ladins delicious dishes

In addition to protecting its language, Moena, has also protected the flavours of a time gone by. These simple but delicious dishes have been revisited by the very best chefs who enjoyed creating artful interpretations of ancient recipes. And so spices, herbs, mousse, jams, honey or mustard reinvent this tradition that has absorbed extensive influences from South Tyrol, having lived so long under Austrian rule, meaning that local plates have inspirational touches, such as the ciajonciè di Moena (large filled ravioli), barley soup, strangolapreti (gnocchi made from stale bread, spinach, egg and grana cheese from Trentino), canederli (balls of stale bread, egg and milk, filled with salami or lucanica sausage or speck or cheese or herbs), polenta, game, pig’s knuckle, sausages and mushrooms.

There is also a wide variety of cheeses produced in the valley, especially tasty and authentic as they are produced from the milk of cows that graze in our mountains. One of the most well-known is "Puzzone di Moena".

When it comes to desserts, a local favourite is the traditional fortaie, which can be tried at every local feast, and apple strudel, either alone or, for the greedier among us, accompanied by whipped cream, custard or ice cream.

Al these traditional flavours and delicious dishes can be tasted in many restaurants, including the more elegant, alpine refuges and malgas (mountain huts).

Gastronomy weeks

For years "Ristora Moena" has held prestigious gastronomy weeks, depending on what typical seasonal produce is available ("A tavola con la Fata delle Dolomiti" or "A cena con Re Laurino"), to the delight of those who love delicious meals and ancient traditions. This group includes the Foresta, Fuciade, Malga Panna and Tyrol restaurants.

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