Fiemme and Fassa Marcialonga

Marcialonga 70 km

27/01/2019 Moena, from 8.30 am

The Marcialonga is an international classic style marathon competition that has taken place over the last 45 years on the last Sunday of January involving thousands of participants from over 20 different countries.

Both men and women take part, as long as they are in possession of the F.I.S.I. card and are over the age of 18 years. The registration process closes when the number of competitors reaches 6,500.

The competition takes place over a 70 km route which begins in Moena and ends in Cavalese. This route includes the ascent to Canazei, which competitors must reach by 12.30 before the gate closes, and the descent to Molina in order to return to and complete the competition in Cavalese.

This is a unique event which allows competitors to pass through the Fassa and Fiemme valleys, skiing along forests and rivers and perhaps more importantly, skiing against the backdrop of well-wishers who have turned out to encourage them along their way and wait for them.

The Marcialonga celebrates its 45th anniversary this year (2018). A special thank you goes out to the huge number of volunteers who, in each country of the two valleys, devote their time and efforts to the success of this event.

Marcialonga Light 45 Km

27/01/2019 Moena, from 8.00 am

For those who prefer not to take part in the classic 70 km competition, there is the chance to try it out and experience the emotion through the shorter route which leaves from Moena at 8.15 am, goes up to Canazei and arrives in Predazzo. This shorter version also requires classic techniques and is open to all those over the age of 18 years and in possession of the F.I.S.I. card. The registration process closes when the number of competitors reaches 500. 

Marcialonga Story 11 Km

26/01/2019 Lake Tesero, cross-country stadium, 9.30 am

In order to celebrate its 40th year, the organising committee has come up with a great initiative involving a revival of cross-country skiing involving only equipment and clothing used and worn in the early years of this sport. This competition is open to both men and women, with or without the F.I.S.I. card and over the age of 16 years. Equipment dating back to pre-1976 is required in order to take part in the competition, including 75 mm wide bindings, shoes and sticks suitable for skiing and coordinated clothing. Materials will be checked by a special committee prior to departure.

The female and male skiers with the most coordinated and suitable equipment and clothing will be awarded a prize as well as the competitor with the oldest skis.

Marcialonga Stars 3 Km

26/01/2019 Lake Tesero, cross-country stadium, 1.00 pm

Friendly cross-country charity competition supporting the League against Tumours, on an invite-only basis for those on the list of the organising committee. Competitors are individuals who have a particular prominence in various fields; sports, politics, journalism and entertainment.
For those who have never tried cross-country skiing and would like to give it a go, there is the option of taking a lesson on the route the day before the competition. There is also an alternative route for snowshoes so that all those invited can take part in the competition.

Marcialonga Young 

26/01/2019 Lake Tesero, cross-country stadium, 2.30 pm

A competition for children allowing them to experience and enjoy the marathon competition.

Competitors are divided into age groups according to their birth year:

  • Junior and Aspiranti will travel a 14 km distance departing from Lake Tesero on 28/01 at 9.00 am;
  • Allievi, will travel 9 km, beginning from the cross-country stadium at 9.00 am the same day;
  • Ragazzi will take part on 27/01 at 2.30 pm and will travel 4 km across a developed route, departing from the center of the stadium at the lake.

Mini Marcialonga

26/01/2019 Lake Tesero, cross-country stadium, 2 pm

Friendly competition for little ones aged between 6 and 12 years. Children can try out a 3 km route inside the stadium, those who come first and last will be awarded a prize.

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