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Winter Walks around Moena

Winter Walks around Moena

Moena and its surroundings

Enchanted promenades

The town is nestled in a sunny valley, tucked between meadows and woods, completely surrounded by the famous Dolomites chain, the fairy-tale Monti Pallidi. To the north is the Sella mountain chain with Sassolungo and Sasso Piatto; to the east are the Monzoni and San Pellegrino; to the south is the Sas da Mezdì; to the west and northwest, from the extreme edge of Latemar and the jagged tipped peaks of the Catinaccio.

Moena is crossed by the Avisio River, which spawns, at the level of the centre of the town, two affluents: the Rio San Pellegrino and the Rio Costalunga which take the names of the passes which give life to them. The intertwining of the lateral valley, the waterways, meadows, hills covered with larches and firs, all dominated by the pale coloured mountains of the Snow-covered Monti Pallidi, merge to create a strikingly beautiful landscape. This spectacle of nature gives shape to the Legend of King Laurino.

This is why Moena is admired not only for its inhabited centre, for the architecture of its ancient houses, for its characteristic narrow lanes. It is also known for its surroundings, destination of beautiful strolls and moments of freedom...as close as a walk away...


Starting from the church of San Vigilio di Moena, we go up to the hamlet of Sorte, following upwards until the Malga Panna, an ancient place of restoration for weary travellers and today, a world renowned Michelin starred restaurant. Having completed the most challenging portion, the journey continues through the woods, for some 3 km to the enchanting Peniola clearing.

Here, we can spend hours of nearly mystical quiet and tranquillity. In fact, the little Alpine hamlet hosts the small church, renovated in 2005, which gives a home to the beautiful frescoes of the local 18th century painter, Pederiva, a student of Tiepolo. In Peniola, we can take a short break in the characteristic mountain farm. From here on, the trail begins its downhill course to the small town of Medil, nestled among the rocky slopes of the meadows, also known as ... the town of women. Here, we find an enormous and disturbing unexploded bomb, a visual reminder of World War I. We are now on the way back home. The long descent brings us to the flatlands before Moena. We continue along at a fast clip, crossing the Sorte meadow and we reach our original point of departure, the Church of San Vigilio.


We begin walking from Moena to Pala da Rif, a popular meeting point for sunbathing on the wide open pastures, along the Costalunga River. Crossing the red earth, (a hill eroded by the water, “nervous” and fascinating for the soil and rocks with their markedly red colour), we are reminded of the mythical landscapes of the Far West. We continue forward along the trail that flanks the Sas de le Strie, first in the middle of the woods, then between the lush green meadows, until reaching Passo Costalunga. After a light snack, we return to Moena, but we take a slight deviation to follow the trail that skirts along the impetuous Costalunga River. If the weather is warm, we can take a swim in the still ponds and be refreshed in the chilly waters.

We then stop at Malga Roncac and enjoy the end of our itinerary along the descent that dominates all of Moena.


An easy, sunny walk perfect for families with children and which can also be taken with strollers. The walk begins in the northern section of Moena which host the beautiful Fantolin amusement park. The course runs along the bicycle path with its beautiful vista over Val di Fassa and the Sella mountain chain, and leads to the town of Soraga.

You can take one of two alternatives: the first is to continue to the center of the town, cross the state road of the Dolomites and go up to upper Soraga changing side of the valley. From here, you can can continue along the long walk on a flat course to Someda, one of Moena's hamlet, and finally descend into town.

The other alternative brings us more simply immediately toward Moena, following the path in Palua, which is sunny along the entire course. This path takes us along the wooden toy factory and crosses wide open pastures to bring us to the top of “Col dei Soldai” before descending back into the centre of Moena.


A varying itinerary. The course begins in the centre of the town and ends in Someda, the sunny and splendid hamlet of Moena. The road we take passes alongside the old Fort of Moena, a control station, dating back to World War One.

The road takes us to Malga Passerella, the first stop for refreshment, where we then take the automatic, unmanned ski lift of Lusia. From the next station, “Valbona”, we pick up our walk along the suggestive trail through the woods that leads to “La Rezila” shelter, a characteristics place of refreshment that keeps the ancient style intact. The course continues to the Lusia shelter along the old trail.

We can enjoy the gorgeous panorama of Pale di San Martino and Lagorai. After a short and well deserved rest, we look forward to our trip back downhill towards Moena, to face happily for a day that has brought us back in time.


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