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Family Hotel L'Ideale

Strada del Garber, 9 - Moena

+390462573197 -

Hotel 3 stars Moena: Family Hotel L'Ideale
Hotel 3 stars

Strada del Garber, 9
38035 Moena (TN)

Tel. +390462573197





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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - External - Photo ID 1036

Public areas

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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Public areas - Photo ID 1034
Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Public areas - Photo ID 1035


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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Restaurant - Photo ID 1033


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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Rooms - Photo ID 1030
Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Rooms - Photo ID 1031
Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Rooms - Photo ID 1032

Services offered


Buffet breakfast, Suitable for people with disabilities, Recommended for families with children, Lift, Garden, Panorama viewpoint, Private parking, Very close to the centre, Garage, Motorbike garage, Public telephone, Public internet point, Ski storage, Ski boot dryer, Bicycle storage, Cash cards accepted, Credit cards accepted, Safe facility, Bar


Children's toys, Communal room with TV, Communal room with Satellite TV, Sunbathing garden, Sun loungers

Family Hotel L'Ideale

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