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Hotel 3 stars Moena: Hotel San Marco
Hotel 3 stars

Sèn Pelegrin, 15
38035 Moena (TN)

Tel. +39 0462 573475

Fax +39 0462 573275





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Our hotel is situated on the San Pellegrino Pass at an altitude of 1918 m., in the heart of the Dolomites and at only 10 km. from Moena.

In summer our customer finds himself surrounded by vast areas of green pastures, sweet-smelling woods with charming streams and alpine lakes.

In winter wonderful ski-runs, reached by modern skilifts starting off next to the hotel, will take you to a height of 2.600 m.

Our cuisine is particularly cared for and offers a choice of menus with typical national, international and Trentine dishes, accompanied at every meal with rich and inviting hors d’oeuvre and vegetable buffets.


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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - External - Photo ID 1004


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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Wellness - Photo ID 1001
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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Swinningpool - Photo ID 1002


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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Restaurant - Photo ID 1005
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Hotel 3 stars in Moena - Rooms - Photo ID 884
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Services offered


Buffet breakfast, Suitable for people with disabilities, Recommended for families with children, Lift, Garden, Panorama viewpoint, Private parking, Garage, Motorbike garage, Ski storage, Ski boot dryer, Bicycle storage, Cash cards accepted, Credit cards accepted, Smoking area, Games room, Bar


Children's toys, Communal room with Satellite TV, Sun terrace, Sunbathing garden, Sun loungers, Hydro massage, Swimming pool, Sauna, Turkish bath, Entertainment, Playground, Tavern


Gym - fitness centre, Squash, Outdoor football, Outdoor volleyball

Hotel San Marco

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 Our offers

  • Offer in January!

    from 07.01 al 13.01.2024 per person 6 days euro 636.00 in half board.
    from 13.01 to 20.01.2024 per person 7 days euro 784.00 in half board.
    from 20.01 to 27.01.2024 per person 7 days euro 784.00 in half board.
    Indoor swimming pool, Finnish and bio sauna, Salt sauna, Outdoor hydro-massage 39°C free!

    from 636.00 €
    per person


    Your Hotel directly on the ski slopes! Celebrate Christmas with us: 24th December Gala Dinner with the arrival of Santa Claus!
    From 19.12.23 to 26.12.23 from € 828.00 per person 7 days half board.
    From 22.12.23 to 26.12.23 from € 532.00 per person 4 days half board.
    Gala Dinner, wellness center, garage and entertainment included! Contact Us!

    from 532.00 €
    per person

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