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La bottega del rame

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Handcraft Moena: La bottega del rame

Piaz de Ramon, 19
38035 Moena (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 565006
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The healthy cooking

Copper is the best heat diffuser, and besides being really thick and non-stick it is a 99% pure material and a natural antibacterial.

These characteristics, together with the 100% tin or silver, help not to turn the copper green.

Copper helps to save energy too, thanks to his great heat diffusing propriety.

We suggest to use what we call “the grandma way” to clean the outside of the pot. Just make a scrub with vinegar, salt and polenta flour. You can use regular dish soap and water on the inside, and rub with a soft sponge.

The copper pots that are hand or fire tinned are dishwasher safe. If you get pink spots on the outside you can bring the pot back to the original color rubbing the outside with a vinegar cloth.

Copper and tin are natural and nickel free products.

Copper: tradition, culture and well-being

The small store of copper of Moena, situated in a corner of one of the prettiest squares, is an exposition of pots and pans and home décor. It’s a great opportunity for tourists in Moena to buy a precious souvenir, a traditional thing, an unique handmade piece.

Copper is a natural element that has been rediscovered in the last years by the greatest cooks, because it guarantees a natural and healthy way of cooking. It has an even heat distribution that lets you save energy and cooks food with a little heat.

In the little shop you can see how copper things are made. Vincenzo Tironi is going to show you his copper making abilities, which were taught him by his dad. Vincenzo is a fifth generation copper maker. Here you can buy pans and pots, even for induction kitchens. You can ask for reparations too.

Re-discover the secret of an ancient art, choose copper!

images of interior/exterior

La bottega del rame

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